Thursday, December 4, 2008

Relevant? Hardly.

As I contemplate the Blog format, I can't help but note that the amount of free space on the internet has really diminished the relevance of the written word. Thus I am forced to pursue publishers in order to get my really good stuff out, and this space is to be filled with my mental detritus. 

Interesting fact about the world "detritus": While most people equate it squarely with the word "debris," its actual meaning is that of the PROCESS of erosion, not the matter it leaves behind. I just learned that. From Google. Aren't you impressed by my Google-induced perspicacity? No fun story about the word. It pretty much means "mental sharpness" or "propensity for discernment"... And it's a horribly underused and over-syllabled one at that. 

Well, that's a good amount of rambling, I suppose. 

I mean the point of all of this is that people who know me will read it, I guess. But the problem is that ultimately the things I tend to talk to people I know about (a cocktail of stupidity including but not limited to the following: Guitars, Comics, Music, Writers, Toilets, Sleep, Sickness, Dying a Damp Death, etc) kinda bore me when I'm sitting by myself and writing things down. Thus I end up being overly wordy about the same shit I would be talking about normally, and ultimately probably boring the living pants off of people. 

Also, listening to the Team America soundtrack, "The End of an Act"... Writing a love song about how bad Pearl Harbor was is fucking genius. Seriously. I'm hurting. 


Right, I guess that does it for now. For more information on any of the above topics, leave comments, and I will expound upon the virtues or ... uh... anti-virtues of said topic. 


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