Friday, December 12, 2008

Some pics of a flooded park...

Background: I'm home doing some homey crap at my parents' house, and a park a few blocks away flooded after 3 or so days of solid rain. Thought it was worth getting some pics... I think they turned out not bad-ish. Enjoy!

This is a little bridge that ordinarily goes over a small drainage ditch by the creek. It was, as you can see, awash. 

Here's the best depth-indicator I could find... a few park benches about 150 yards away from where I was standing. I wasn't about to go into that, it being 40 degrees or so. 

This is Yale's tennis center, normally bordered by a creek... You can see where the boundary should be, cutting across this photo diagonally. Didn't feel like getting wet, but was curious how much water ended up inside the stadium. 

Here you can see a mostly covered Baseball field with a soccer goal in the background.. 

Normally there would be a small pond here, ending about 20 feet before that tree with leaves still on it. The gap in the trees at the back is a small road that runs alongside a little canal going through the middle of the park. Not sure how deep it is out there, but spooky! 

Guess that'll do it... Interesting stuff though, and definitely worth getting the pics and the car-dodging that was required.  


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