Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Getting ready to make a move...

My crippling inertia seems to be coming to an end, as I am about to be acted upon by a greater or equal force.

How's that for an opening sentence. Newtonian physics as metaphor for ennui? He wouldn't dare! Oh, but he did.

To continue on this decidedly scientific trend, I shall quote long deceased French mathematician/physicist Henri Poincaré, who once charmingly wrote that "Thought is only a flash between two long nights, but this flash is everything." Now had he been a proper Frenchman, he would have stared wistfully off after that comma and said something more like "But this flash... she eez everything." But he isn't a proper Frenchman, he's a dead guy who wrote something that was likely translated.

I digress so thoroughly I'm not sure I'm still the same man who started writing.

Anyways, the point is that I am launching off on a new endeavor. Gone will be this barren, faceless and rarely updated blog, and in its place shall be something wondrous. In short, I'm working on a website which shall contain all of the following:

1) My fictional works. But he's a musician, you protest. But he's best at mocking established social values and pointing out the foibles of the misguided race that is humanity, you say. Well, that may well be true, but there's no reason I can't take what I think and have someone I made up say it, is there?

2) Musical works. This is pretty much covered by the first. My musical taste shifts like the sands in an hourglass, and I enjoy spreading the word on the works of myself and all those I worship at the feet at to any and all who would listen.

3) This kind of wobbly rambling that you've already become accustomed to.

And finally, 4) Information pertaining to animals I wish existed.

Alright that last one was a bit of a joke, but you can see why it might come up. I mean, I wish the giraffe/crocodile hybrid existed, if only to see one and, with a bit of luck, be eaten by one and end my days in what effectively amounts to riding a waterslide down the throat of a great beast when having been partially chewed.

That'll do for now. Details to come as I launch the entirely self indulgent website of RJC, Renaissance Man.


Note: I was called a renaissance man by someone else. Had I strictly placed that title upon myself it would indicate an amount of pomposity and arrogance even I am incapable of. Plus I don't paint.

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